UH the siete thingyy

yo yo yo


OKay so apparently this 7 thing means i gotta tell u 7 things about me that u dont no …. well here i go

1. I have decendents from Norway. 

2. I live on sports.

3. I dont really like annoying people.

4. Im 5’10

5. I wiegh about 175 lbs

6. I like cheesecake alot.

7. I want to be a pro athelete.

3 thoughts on “UH the siete thingyy

  1. jeffers,
    interesting 7 things, i never knew you liked sports,i mean you do play basketball and football.

  2. ewwww…cheescake. i never new you liked sports…lol. and your welcome for tagging you.

    luvs ya

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