Baseball Playoffs

The 2008 MLB Playoffs start tommorrow.

The games are as follows:

Brewers vs Phillies 2:30 ET

Dodgers vs Cubs 6:30 ET

Red Sox vs Angels 10:00 ET


The Chicago White Sox host the Minnesota Twins tonight in a one game playoff.  The winner takes the eight and final playoff spot and then they will have to hop on a plane and head to Tampa Bay, Florida to play the Rays at TROPICAÑA FIELD.

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Question of the Day

With the Cubs, Dodgers, Rays, Red Sox, and Angels guarenteed spots in the playoffs already, what other three teams will be joining them?

Chicago White Sox

Minnesota Twins

New York Mets

Milwaukee Brewers

Houston Astros

Philidelphia Phillies

Please leave a comment with your choices and any other thoughts about other peoples comments

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     This is for my blogging assignment regarding stubc08.  I’m really eager to start this project with stubc08.

      Hello, my name is Jeff.  I am a very active person and love to play outside.  I like to use technology like computers, televisions, cell phones, etc.  I like to watch american football, both college and professional(NFL), basketball, both college and professional(NBA), and baseball, only professional(MLB).  I especially love to play sports, both organized and just for fun.  My favorite sports are as following:


The pattern that everyone knows... by Toma01


 dustball by Bukutgirl

and football.

Football here I come! by imnowl

Something else you might want to look at, because I just recently did a similar project for another class.

Again, this is my first assignment for the stubc08 project.

Some other things that are my favorite are as following:

Food: Alot of stuff lke pizza, chicken, bacon, whatever

Soda: Mountain Dew(regular as well as Code Red, Baja Blast and the rest), Root Beer, Sprite, Coke(ill drink diet, vanilla whatever), Orange/Slice, and other I can’t think of write now 

Drink(not Soda): Orange Juice(alot of other types f juices like apple or whatever), milk, water,

TV Show: Sportscenter

Sport: Football


















 Where were you?

When 9.11 happened I was in second grade so i didn’t fully understand what had happened.  I just got to go home early so I was happy and didn’t really care what the reason was.  And when I got home I my mom was crying. And me being the silly kid i was, just thought that she was crying because one of her chick flicks ended sadly.  But later she told me that some planes had hit the twin towers in New York.  That was utter horror on our entire country.  Thousands of people died with a lot more being injured, especially the family members and loved ones of the heroes and innocent victims getting torn apart emotionally. 


On top of all that, noboby thought that more planes were possibly coming.  But then the next plane hit the Pentagon and all that pure concentreted hatred return again.  My mom said that my Uncle Freddie worked in that building.  So she spent the rest of the night on the phone calling people, probably cousins and people like that.  Maybe within the next day or two she figured out that the plane had hit into my uncle’s office. 

But luckily he was out of state at the time.  However, he knew multiple people who died including his friend and co-worker who worked in the same office as him.

All in all, this date will for ever be more stained in the history of of nation.  Everyone was deeply sadden, if that possibly begins to describe it, and we all additionally felt for those perticulary close to someone that was lost on this tragic day.