U.S. Government- More or less democratic?

I think that the U.S. government should be less democratic.  Our government gives away a lot of free packages and giveaways that just hurt the economy and hinder the hardworking people’s ability to prosper.

If the government became a little more democratic and stop giving away free things, I believe our country would benifit greatly.  There would be no limit to what we could accomplish.  Another big thing we could do is start paying back the monumental debt we have dug ourselves into over the years.  With less money spend on free things, more money could be spent on useful things that benifit those who work for it.

Electoral College Abolished

If the Electoral College was abolished, there would be big changes in the United States.  However, i think that the new requirment for voting in a Presidential Election should be anyone thirteen years of age or older who is a U.S. citizen.  Kids younger than thirteen don’t really have a good understanding about government yet, and obviously there will be the occasional ten year old who is a political guru, but you can’t please everyone and this would be a reasonable age to draw the line. At this age, kids that want to get involved can, those that don’t yet do not have to, and the majority of the votes will be based on a good reason, rather than a guessing game as it could become with younger voters than thirteen.

What is the most dangerous question you can ask?



What is the most dangerous question you can ask?     <—- that’s deep.


Just take a minute to really think about that one^^^.


Okay, so the most dangerous question that you can ask to someone is probably a question that takes a lot of thought and processing to answer.  Dangerous questions might include life changing decisions or things that impact many people such as a whole family.

Trail of Tears

This is a short story written in the perspective of a little girl on the Trail of Tears.  She is pictured on slide 4 on this website.

Trail of Tears
Keezheekoni Journey

I looked up past my mother’s shoulders toward my father, who was trudging along in the deep snow. I could feel my mother shaking from the blistering winds, as I held on ever tighter. As I tried to forget just how miserable I was, I thought back to how I came to be here.

It was a warm day, when the white men showed up at our home. Mother and father told me not to worry, but I knew something wasn’t right. We were but a few of nearly 3,000 other Cherokees taken from our homes that dreadful summer in 1838. We barely had any time to gather our belongings, and I left many a treasure behind. The soldiers roughly forced us on a journey far away from home. We were put in a prison camp, in a land later told to me called Tennessee. We were then moved again, on an even longer voyage east. And here I am now, cold and crying, over the loss of my friends and family.

Heavy snow, falling endlessly upon my shoulders increased my suffering and prolonged our journey. I could see the despair on the faces of the others around me. We went through rough and difficult times, and it seemed like the torture would never end. A short while in, my brother Etu got sick with a deadly disease that took many others too. I cried all night with my mother and father, but I didn’t know that my pain was just beginning. Throughout the next few weeks, hundreds of fellow Cherokees died of hunger and a total of 4,000 were lost by the time we got to our new home. Every day I would see another of my companions fall and not get up. My mother and I were crying nearly every day, while my father was just quite and didn’t say much. As time went on, I began to hate these white men that were killing my people and destroying our nation. I will never forget the horror I witnessed on this treacherous journey. We finally got through the land of Arkansas, and end in the new territory of our people to the west.

Trail of Tears

I am looking at slide # 4 on this website. I am going to write about the Trail of Tears from the point of view of these people.

The hard road ahead was full of snow and ice. Our hands are cold and numb. We slip and stuggle with every step. We are being forced westward by these “white men”. We have been taken from our homes, and put through terrible conditions in order to clear lands for the whites. We have suffered many hardships, and many of our friends are dieing everyday. We are sad, cold, and disheartened. I would wonder if i would be able to continue onward, if it wasn’t for the hard whips on our backs and the threat of being shot or seperated from our familes.


This was what many people on the Trail of Tears expierienced. They were taken from their homes and forced to move into the west to make room for the white people. These Indians suffered many loses from family members to their home and pets. It was a extremly rough time on the Indians, especially the Cherokee nation.

Name as a verb

If your name was a verb, what would it be?

I think that if my name was a verb, it would mean to relax. You would tell people to “Jeff” instead of chill out. It would be interesting if it actually happened.

What would your name be if it was a verb?

What inspires me?


So, what inspires me. I think that the thing(s) that inspire me are seeing other people around me. I can see them and they can want me to do better just because they inspire me. Also, sometimes them doing something or being sucessful can be inspiring. It sort of depends on the person and situation. So, What inspires you?

Going Green


OK. So my family does a couple things that are environmentally friendly and good things to do. We have a compost bucket, where we put biodegradeable things like fruit reins and other things, and then over time they get broken down naturally and make new soil. This is a good alternative because if we just put these things in to the garbage, they would end up in a landfill and would not be helping the environment at all. We also bring plastics and tin and other things like glass and newspaper to the local recycling center. We bring it there so that it can be made into new items made of the same materials.

What do you do to help out the environment or “be green”? Tell me about it.


ok. so

Blogging is a good way to get your thoughts down on paper. It can help you to release angry or frustration, or just to express yourself in a whole new way. Blogging can help you to make new friends, or to just talk to other people that share your interests and hobbies. Whatever the reason, blogging is an interesting method to use to express your feelings and emotions in writing.

Blogging has helped me to learn a lot about other students and how they live their daily lives. I learned many things about cultures and how they differ around the world. I have talked to kids from many other countries, and learned what they do and don’t do and how it may compare or contrast to my life.

Tell me about your expiereinces with blogging..